AWFH 6th CelebrASIANS 10/13/2018

Celebrating 65 10/13/2018

Taiwan National Day Double 10th Parade 10/6/2016

The 106Annual Celebration of the Republic of China

 (Double Tenth) Parade

Date and Time:  October 6, 2018 (Saturday) at 9:30 AM

Rally Point:  Chinatown gateway.

Parade Route: Beach Street to Washington Street and Boston City Hall Plaza.

Flag Raising Ceremony:  Boston City Hall.

Please join us and Thank you for your support.

Taiwan’s Science Parks Investment Promotion & Marketing Conference 9/13/2018

Taiwan’s science parks combine R&D, production, working, living, and recreational facilities into life-style oriented communities. As magnets for high-tech industries and talent, the science parks are high-tech industrial bases that balance regional development and boost Taiwan’s global competitiveness.

Hsinchu Science Park is the headquarters of Taiwan’s IT industry. Since Taiwan’s biotechnology industry has officially entered the growth stage, Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park under the management of Hsinchu Science Park Bureau has successfully attracted the presence of biomedical startups. Central Taiwan Science Park has always been the home of precision machinery manufacture in Taiwan. Currently, in addition to the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries, the Park has been developing the smart manufacturing industry. Southern Taiwan Science Park has both a comprehensive optoelectronics cluster and the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing cluster. Furthermore, there is a medical device cluster specializing in dentistry and orthopedics. At the same time, it is also the development base for AI robots in Taiwan. The three science parks in Taiwan have all demonstrated the clustering effect, by gradually developing an interconnected economic ecosystem, and by cultivating more talent of industry.

Welcome to Taiwan’s Science Parks Investment Promotion & Marketing Conference that will be held on September 7th in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley) and September 13th in Boston. Through the investment conferences, potential investors will understand more about the industrial clusters in Taiwan’s science parks.


趣味學台語 8/3 & 5/2018

主辦單位:新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會, 新英格蘭大波士頓台灣青商會, 大波士頓區臺大校友會, 昭倫公所

2018 台語研習會來了!! 吃喝玩樂學台語 !! 30位免費名額,報名從速 !!
所有熱愛台語文 及 有志從事華語文、臺語(閩南語)教學ê人

日期/時間: 2016年8月3日 晚 6:00-9:30 & 8月5日 早上 9:30-下午 4:00

地點:波士頓華僑文教服務中心 (90 Lincoln St., Newton MA 02461)

ocacbostonedu@gmail.com/TEL: 617-965-8801
RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/47541522975

現任 台中教育大學臺灣語文系副教授


8月3日 晚 6:00-9:30 (課程+點心)
台語文的語法特色 及 相關資源應用

8月5日 早上 9:30-下午4:00 (課程+點心+中餐)
台語文創, 觀光在台灣
嘴講父母話,電腦寫臺語文 (台語輸入法及線上資源)
**台語歌謠與遊戲中學台語 (特邀嘉賓來唱台語歌謠)
綜合討論 O&A (結業式)

草根音樂祭 6/30/2018

由「中華專業人員協會」與「新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會」聯合舉 辦的「波士頓台灣草根音樂季」,將於 2018 年 6 月 30 日,星期六下午 三點至五點,假 29 Montvale Ave. Woburn, MA 01801 舉辦。

來自台灣的街頭表演藝人鍾岳辰(鬍子) ,帶著滿腔的熱情,應早 年的樂團搭檔之邀,至波士頓來完成一場音樂祭的演出。到後來還另外完成了一場售票演出的過程中,鬍子看見了台灣音樂在美國發展的可行性。於是便把回程班機延期,延長了克難旅行到處街演的時間與次數。因為鬍子發現自己在這裡能發揮的價值越來越多。

來自鬍子的自述:「關於克難街演這件事,我意識到自己是有企圖心的。 我想證明台灣音樂人要維持生計並不是只有那少數的幾條路而已。 如果我能在條件不充足的狀況下,還可以把推廣台灣歌曲這件事情做活的話。 是不是可以鼓勵更多,比我更有資源更有才華的年輕人前去挑戰歐美大陸?

隨著故事的進展,鬍子遇見了波士頓當地錄製中文歌曲的「You and Me」,組團的是曾經得過「五燈獎」五度五關的冠軍得主吉他手-黃崇校先生。

「背負過音樂節的重量,才體會每場仗都倚賴槍與糧。」 從只是要集結在旅途中相遇的音樂人,然後做一場鬍子醫生感謝大家相挺的波士頓草根音樂祭。


RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/46917468411

中華專業人員協會 http://www.neacp.com/
新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會 http://www.tccne.org/
或洽 Mandy Tsai (781-888-3080,請簡訊)


17th Annual TCCNE-Greater Boston Charity Golf Tournament 6/2/2018

Host:  Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of New England – Greater Boston                          Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce of New England

Special support: Westnet Medical/ Surgical Research & Supplies

Charity: Joslin Diabetes Center
Date & Time:  Saturday, June 2, 2018
Tee time: start at 10:30 am

Place:  Ponkapoag Golf Course, 781.828.4242
2167 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021

Fee: $120 (includes green fee, cart rental, charity donation)
Format:  Scramble
Awards:Top 3 teams with the lowest gross

Longest Drive – Men & Lady
Close to the Pin – men & lady

Buffet: Lotus Flower Restaurant
            341 Cochituate Rd (between Rt 9 and Rt 30)
            Framingham, MA 01701

Served at 5:30pm for all participant golfers

Lu Ouyang  617-763-0708   lu.ouyang@gmail.com
Meihuei Hu  857-919-2267   meihueihu@rcn.com                  

Best EEO Practices for A Successful Business 4/28/2018

Host: Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of New England – Greater Boston & Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce of New England

This three-and-a-half hour workshop starts promptly at 12pm will be presented in the English language.

** Brunch will be served!!


Kenneth An, Director of EECO
Anthony Pino, Enforcement Supervisor
Elizabeth Marcus, ADR Mediator

As a small business owner and an employer, you may have legal responsibilities under the federal employment anti-discrimination laws enforced by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This workshop is designed with the intent to educate small businesses and help owners and managers focus on running a successful business.  Whether you are dealing with a complaint filed with the EEOC or a lawsuit filed by the EEOC or an individual alleging employment discrimination, the results can be a drain to your mental and financial resources.  Studies show that complaints of employment discrimination have been known to lead to moral issues at the workplace and negatively impact creativity and productivity.  This workshop will cover topics including:

  • History of EEOC and Agency Update
  • Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment; Job Segregation: Race and National Origin Discrimination; Stereotypes Against Muslims; Religious Accommodations; Working with Breast Feeding Mothers; and, Respecting LGBTQ Employees
  • Leveling the Playing Field & Reasonable Job Accommodations for Employees with a Disability or Religion
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Hiring “Young” and “Recent College Graduates”
  • Genetic Information and the Application Process
  • ADR v. Investigation – Achieving a “Win-Win” Situation
  • Best Practices on How to Work with the EEOC
  • Retaliation:  A Bad Business Practice

12th TCCNE – Greater Boston Bowling Tournament 3/18/2018

Host: Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of New England – Greater Boston Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce of New England

主辦單位:新英格蘭大波士頓臺灣商會 & 新英格蘭台灣青年商會 TYCCNE

Sponsored by Elaine Soohoo of Washington Trust Mortgage Company

Time: Sunday, March 18, 2018
Check in at 9:30 AM; Game Starts at 10:00 AM

Place: Town Line (781) 324-7120
665 Broadway, Malden, MA 02148


http://www.townlineluxurylanes.com/index.php/info for more details of other alternatives Registration:



Susie Hsu 617.923.1810 Amy Ou 617.309.8598 Lu Ouyang 617.763.0708

Email: susie@move2boston.com Email: amyou0321@gmail.com Email: lu.ouyang@gmail.com

Registration Deadline: March 11, 2018

Fee: 2018 New Member FREE, Non-Member US$35, Existing Member US$25, includes 3 games, shoe rental, lunch and award

Lunch Only: $10 for non-bowler

Format: 3 bowlers a team, each bowler plays three games. Please have your team name ready when register

費用: 2018新加入會員免費, 非會員$35, 會員$25, 包含場地費, 租鞋費, 午餐及獎品 比賽方式: 三人一隊, 每人各打三局, 請在報名時給隊名, 例如: 臺商隊, 彩虹隊….

Tax Reform 1/20/2018

主辦單位:新英格蘭大波士頓台灣商會 TCCNE – Greater Boston
協辦單位:新英格蘭台灣青年商會 TYCCNE

Topic: Tax Reform: Tax Planning for Individual and Business

Date & Time: Saturday, Janurary 20, 2018, 1:00 – 4:00pm
Location: The Culture Center, 90 Lincoln St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

Featured Speakers:

張子婧會計師 Stephanie Chang


張瑞紋會計師 Jamie Chang